Another Cheap Sketchbook Bites the Dust

The Llama Sketchbook:
December 27, 2017 to September 29, 2018

Well, at least there is a llama beneath the stickers. In the back and forth of my commutes, my sketchbooks take a beating so I encrust them with whatever stickers I may find.

This wasn’t quite as good as the original Sketchbook from Heaven which I burned through very quickly, but as far as cheap sketchbooks meant for children, it was a good one and more satisfying than many, more expensive artist sketchbooks I have purchased. My wife got it for me as a Christmas gift from a big box store, and I carried it with me to and from work and kept it close at hand to jot ideas down on it’s pages. Inspiration bubbled up from the pages of that first Heavenly sketchbook. This one was a little more stingy with effervescing ideas . It took longer to complete, not that it was a race.

It was probably me just not being inspired, but I swear that the old sketchbook had inspiration pressed into it’s pages. I would grab that book with my morning coffee. It begged to be drawn in, and I was happy to oblige.

I grabbed the newer sketchbook when I felt the urge. The results were either hit or miss, but towards the end of the book I was fairly pleased with some of the ideas and doodles I cooked up on it’s pages.

The llama sketchbook is done now, and I’m sad to see it go, but my wife thought ahead last year. She picked up another cheap sketchbook meant for children.

It’s the same size and manufacturer as the other two Sketchbooks from Heaven, but this one has a glow-in-the-dark cover so I’m a little torn about slathering stickers all over it’s covers. I have yet to touch this one so I may try to get rid of some of the other, less Heavenly sketchbooks I have cluttering the joint. They probably won’t be as much fun as these goofy, kids’ sketchbooks. There is something so very inviting about the cheap paper.

Stay tuned.

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