The Vector Chainsaw Massacre

The Vector Chainsaw MassacreHere is another Halloween Head I illustrated in the marvelous vector design application called Affinity Designer. I started this yesterday morning with a vague polygon shape for a face and a cog shape for hair. I wasn’t sure if it was going to go anywhere, but I kept on fiddling with colors and shapes until it was time to go to work. In work I played with it here and there during down-time on a well-worn 2008 Macbook that I keep next to my great big work iMac. I continued on it at home while trying to watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Tubi TV, which is a tough movie to have playing in the background while trying to concentrate on an illustration. I switched to another show — I don’t remember what — and called it a night when I realized it was later than I thought. I attacked it anew in the morning and finished it up before work.

Leatherface in Affinity Designer The Affinity Designer application window on a 13″ Macbook

This wasn’t my first attempt at illustrating everybody’s favorite grave robbing, chainsaw wielding madman from the great State of Texas. I had tried and given up a number of times before. It wasn’t until I decided to combine comedy and tragedy into this guy that it started to work. Old Leatherface seems to be a jolly fellow in the movie. It looked like he enjoyed his work. I figured his victim and face donor would not have seen the fun in it and would have worn a dour if appropriate facial expression.

I hope I’ve succeeded. Comments are welcome below.


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