DUCKWORK April 1981

Embedded below is a PDF of the April 1981 edition of DUCKWORK which was CREATED FOR THE PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF ART COMMUNITY. It was a newspaper put together by PCA students for PCA students, and I found a pile of them free for the taking in the entrance of the building at 260 South Broad Street which housed most of the art school’s classes at the time. I was there on that delightful Spring day portfolio in hand nervously interviewing for my space in the Fall 1981 semester. I grabbed it either heading in or heading out; threw it into my portfolio and still have it 41 years later.

Join The ARCO Park Preservation Society!

I have posted about this issue before, but my interest was more about the cartoons in the paper crafted by some of the founders of Comico and other luminaries who managed to carve a career out of comics. Now that I’ve figured out how to embed a PDF into a post, I’ve decided to share the entire issue warts and all with my dear readers. There are a number of articles and letters to the editor that will be of interest to the members of The ARCO Park Preservation Society. There’s even an announcement of the reopening of ARCO Park! Apparently it was closed due to security problems.

There’s also a number of advertisements for stores that are sadly no longer with us.

Take a look!

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Hover your cursor over the page and you’ll see navigation tools to go page by page at the bottom.

Have problems viewing? Go direct to the document at this link.

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