Na – Na – Na – Gonna have a good time!

Back in 1984 Philadelphia’s own Bill Cosby was a giant in the field of entertainment. He was the star of both the television and silver screen, filled arenas with his stand-up comedy act and sold tons of vinyl records recording his comedy routines. He was wildly popular so why not throw his likeness in a comic book advertisement for The American Red Cross?
HEY! HEY! HEY!Although when I first spotted this ad, I was wondering if I was reading it correctly. Comics were laid out by hand like most everything back then and it looked like a clumsy layout — as if some of the type was left stuck on the layout board. Re-reading it a couple of times made me realize that the quote wasn’t a mistake, and it’s so oddly worded that it’s probably an actual quote of Cosby’s.

G.I. Combat No. 265The Red Cross ad with Cosby appeared in G.I. Combat No. 265 which was published in 1984. I managed to pick this up at an unusual and completely unexpected sale in South Philly’s Italian Market. Among the fruit and vegetable vendors was a man with a pile of comics. I had to look!

This issue of G.I. Combat is nothing to write home about as far as collectability, but it is in a genre that is no longer seen in comics publishing — the war genre. War comics were disappearing when this comic was published. I assumed that the reason for their disappearance was because sales were declining, but there is a theory that the old WWII era guys in the editorial departments at comic companies were being replaced by younger guys who preferred costumed crimefighters. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that Joe Kubert cover! He was the greatest!

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2 Responses to Na – Na – Na – Gonna have a good time!

  1. Old NFO says:

    Interesting, and back then Cosby DID appeal to kids and adults both!

  2. Joe says:

    I guess the comedy albums led to I Spy and he never looked back.

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