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A scarf I’ve been knitting for the Boy while watching TV at night. Five more rows and I’m done!

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Cast Iron Skillet Vegetable Calzone

My inspiration for making a vegetable calzone came from a crate of broccoli rabe I spied at the market. I adore broccoli rabe, and wanted to make an entree that made it the star of the show. I added baby … Continue reading

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Pink Skies

This was the sky over South Philadelphia last night. Just lately, I have not been seeing beautiful vistas such as this so I didn’t bother taking my camera. What was I going to see on a run to the corner … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number One Hundred Thirty Four

One hundred thirty fourth in a continued series creating a collage using five elements.

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New Stands on 9th Street

The rickety, haphazard, wooden stands that have been thoroughly beaten up by the elements and use have been replaced by clean, sturdy and colorful metal stands that should be appealing to customers and stand the test of time in the … Continue reading

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Chicken Burrito Casserole

I’m always looking for an easy casserole for leftover chicken, and this one was a huge hit! With the exception of a red onion, a red pepper, and a jalapeño pepper, the majority of ingredients such as black beans, rice, … Continue reading

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