Not Just Astonishing — VERY Astonishing

There’s not much more that I can say beyond this advertisement’s astounding copy. Read it for yourself!

I am a little confused as to how this gizmo worked, and I think that was intentional. It was probably worth half a buck just to figure out how the thing worked if it indeed worked at all. The word “seem” is used liberally. “Seem” and “seems” are never a good sign when you’re hoping to astound grade school classmates.

Could it be worth it?

Flashing Eyes was part of a full page advertisement of magic tricks guaranteed to fool and mystify your friends. This particular instance of this ad was featured in issue No. 3 of Stalker which I must admit that I never heard of and don’t recall ever seeing on the spinning racks back then. It was published by DC Comics back in 1975 and featured the artwork of legendary talents Steve Ditko and Wally Wood. My guess is that Marvel had a lot of success with their comic adaptation of Conan the Barbarian so DC decided to chase those sword and sorcery dollars. Just as there were dozens of knock-offs of Tarzan, there were a heap of barbarians, freebooters, adventurers and swordsmen. The Stalker was one of many.

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2 Responses to Not Just Astonishing — VERY Astonishing

  1. Old NFO says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing that one either.

  2. Joe says:

    I think they turned out to be reflective dots with and adhesive on the back. They got stuck to the eyelids and the wearer would blink madly.

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