Give Them the Ooh La La!

Buxom Parisians pursued through the savage jungle? A fearful flight through the impenetrable night? What gives? Has the romance comic suddenly turned into a Halloween Horror Show? Find out as the ALL NEW CHAPTER of Monkey & Bird continues at CO2 Comics! Read it HERE!

While you’re fiddling around on the internet, steer your browser over to Comics Interview. The boys at CO2 Comics! have entered into an agreement with David Anthony Kraft and Fictioneer Books Ltd. to publish the complete collection of all 150 issues of David Anthony Kraft’s COMICS INTERVIEW. The first volume is out now and can be purchased HERE! More volumes will follow on a regular schedule. This series is a MUST-HAVE for comics fans as it represents a huge and fascinating slice of comics history! Nice work, Gerry and Bill!

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