Because I Am Cruel And Have Crap Taste in Music – The Christmas Edition

Some audio nerd starts playing with the playback speed on a reel-to-reel deck and the result is novelty songs. Christmas is a minefield for novelty songs. Every jerkass deejay and washed up crooner with a cute idea commits some atrocity to tape, wax or what have you. They get a perennial royalty check while the rest of us suffer another painful ditty that gets caught in a loop in our brains. No amount of eggnog can kill it either. Good luck with this one, boys and girls. It gets stuck in my brain even when it’s not Christmas.

Of course, worst than this is the Chipmunks Witch Doctor song. Fortunately there is no voodoo themed holiday that most of the nation celebrates so we’re safe from that.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, be thankful that there are no novelty songs spoiling whatever your celebration may be.

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