Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Frustrated by an anemic selection in local haberdashers, Tina decided to fashion a tie for the light of her eye.

The three of us were invited to my niece’s wedding. We all had to look presentable obviously, but that usually proves to be a challenge for our boy or any boy. Decent duds are hard to find, and we weren’t going to dress him comfortably. Saints preserve us, he would look like a hobo!

Tina took on the task of finding a tasteful ensemble but she found herself vexed by the lack of likable neck-wear. Not only were the ties she found for boys and slight men overpriced, they were boring! This would not stand!

Tina did a little research on the internet and created the bow-tie pictured above. It’s a funky pattern, but once she had it all together, she didn’t feel the colors were quite right for the rest of the outfit so she made another one!

This was the one we went with as you can see from the photo of our photogenic son.

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