Trash or Treasure?

It’s trash day in the neighborhood, and something I found in a neighbor’s pile of refuse has prompted me to create this new category: Trash or Treasure.

While walking to work, I found this piece or framed, embroidered art among a huge pile of debris.

Looks like someone had a go at some Dungeons & Dragons decor. A bare-foot, elderly wood nymph grasps the shaft of a reclining unicorn’s horn while a dove inelegantly maintains flight above and a terrified, out-of-place koala tries to go unnoticed in a nearby tree.

Whoever made it was proud enough to frame their efforts. Sadly, they weren’t proud enough of it to hang on to it.

Is it trash or has some poor fool discarded a treasure?

I think I’m going to listen to Songs From The Wood by Jethro Tull.

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2 Responses to Trash or Treasure?

  1. JT says:


  2. Joe Williams says:

    You’re making me feel guilty for not rescuing it!

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