Halloween 2011

In past few years, Joe and I have cooked up increasingly complex costumes for our son Lloyd. It started with the robot costume which had lights which everyone loves. We took what we learned constructing the robot and went with a vending machine theme. There was a candy machine that also lit up followed by everybody’s favorite, the Seeburg table-top jukebox which lit up, of course, and played music.

So what was it going to be for 2011? How were we going to top ourselves?

This time we went to the arcade for inspiration.

We were trying to think up another vending machine, and Joe came up with the idea last year of doing an arcade fortune teller machine. We started researching and gathering items at the end of the summer. We watched the movie Big which we hadn’t seen in years. This is a dress rehearsal shot that we did last night to make sure everything fit and functioned as planned.

We obsessed about the details, and all throughout the process, our son was a good sport. Hopefully, this will pay off tonight, and he’ll get a ton of candy!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about the construction of the costume and some trick or treating pictures!

Happy Halloween!!!

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4 Responses to Halloween 2011

  1. Awesome stuff.
    I predict a lot of candy in Lloyd’s future.

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks Bill, major candy haul!

  3. ED says:

    How did you keep the box up?

  4. Tina says:

    We had white straps that went around his arms (like a knapsack), cut two slits in the back of the box, then fed the white straps through the holes and tied them off. The costume was light, so it was enough to keep the box in place.

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