Black Friday Beckons or Tis The Season to Be Stressful

Time flies. Somebody said something in work about the coming week being short, and then it dawned on me that it’s THANKSGIVING! That means that Christmas is right around the corner! Oh, crap! So soon? Don’t we still have Halloween candy lying around? GASP! The holiday season already?

I know a lot of people who will brave the crowds and the insanity of the mall parking lots in the hopes of finding that $1.98 flat screen television with a Blu-Ray Player and a Snuggie® thrown in for free. Not me. I am thankful for the internet this Thanksgiving because that is how I intend on doing all of my shopping.

If I just gave you a massive anxiety attack, let this film whisk you back to a simpler time when you were on the receiving end rather than the “try to please everybody” giving end…

This is a terrific hour-long collection of vintage toy commercials from the 1950s, 1960s and maybe a couple from the 70s. You may have played with these toys yourself or remember an older brother and sister having them. If you’re younger, you may marvel at the toys created by smaller, independent toy companies for boys who were boys and girls who were girls.

As you watch, you may recognize some of the young actors shilling the toys.

Billy Mumy, Patty Duke and Kurt Russell

Watch it here or do yourself a favor and head over to the Internet Archive to download a burnable version to watch on the TV set. If you have a Roku which I have mentioned in these pages before, get the Internet Archive channel and search the TV section for Batteries Not Included.

You could throw it on the TV while waiting for the family to assemble for Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll set the tone for the shopping orgy to come and beats the heck out of a tedious football game blaring in the background.

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