Table Runner


I’ve done quite a few posts on what to do with scraps of fabric leftover from previous projects, this is one of them – sort of. I’ve wanted to make a runner for my dining room table for quite some time, so last week I sat with Adobe Illustrator and played with ideas for a pattern. That’s my drill, figure out a pattern, scan the fabrics, and drop them into the design until I’m happy with the way they look. Only I wasn’t thrilled with what I had come up with. So I thought, “what would happen if I cut pieces in different shapes, no ruler, no pattern, no set plan?”

I organized the fabrics into three piles: long strips, squares, and smallish pieces. Then I grabbed the pieces and started sewing them together! When I had three nice sized blocks, I trimmed them down to ten inches and framed them with a woodgrain fabric. What started out as an experiment, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but I am pleased with the final results!

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