Capewell and The Lads Among The Rocks

The lads from last week’s photo are back, but it looks as if John B. Capewell has taken his place behind the camera for this shot.

Eagle eyed viewers will see what looks to be our new found friend Adolph Tumser to the right. Capewell had sent a postcard to Tumser back in 1908 inquiring of his well-being and that of his brother Alick (Alexander.) I’m trying to determine if one of these gentlemen are Alick, but I don’t have much to go on. Ann Tumser who was married to Alick’s grandson had sent me a scanned photo from much later.

Alexander Tumser before 1943

I’m not sure what Capewell and the Lads were doing around this quarry, but I have a few negatives with the same fellows that look like they are shot in the same place. Ann Tumser assumed in her post at Unsolved Mysteries that it was the Olean area.

Anyway, here is the whole 5″x7″ photograph.

More Quarry Hijinks


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5 Responses to Capewell and The Lads Among The Rocks

  1. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks a million, Ann!

  2. Joe Williams says:

    Here is the link for Rock City Park in Olean:

  3. Ann Tumser says:

    I’m a member of Painted Hills Genealogy Society, and several years ago I posted a question in “Unsolved Mysteries” about the location of these rocks. Two people responded that they thought it was Rock City Park, near Olean, in Cattaraugus County. I *googled* this:

    “Rock City Park is a majestic geological spectacle of enormous rock formations and is sometimes called one of the Eighth Wonders of the World. This prehistoric ocean floor is the World’s largest exposure of quartz conglomerate (also called ocean spar or puddingstone) and attracts thousands of visitors yearly.”

    Ann Tumser in California

  4. Warren Strumpfer says:

    I didn’t see any pictures like these Mt Rushmore like pictures on the Rock City site near Olean, NY.
    No steel band on the rocks and no chiseld rock piles like somebody was carving the rocks above.

  5. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks for the info, Warren. Every little bit helps build the puzzle!

    I looked at the photos at Rock City Park’s website, and it didn’t really look like what I have in the glass negative which appears to be a working quarry or something similar. I have a few more negatives like this which I will run in the coming weeks. Maybe it will give someone out there a better idea as to this locale.

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