It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

He’s so tiny and ADORABLE! Look! He fits in the palm of your hand! He probably doesn’t eat much. How much trouble could a squirrel monkey be?

I wonder how many parents thought that and caved to the kids’ plea for an adorable miniature primate that was going to be so much bosser than a smelly old dog or a lazy old cat.

They did say they would take real good care of the monkey. Might be good. Teach them responsibility!

My guess is that it seldom worked out that way.

My God, Martha! There’s poop every where!

Most sensible parents would have tried to steer the kids into shooting for the sea horses. Less than a buck; throw them into a fishbowl, and when they die, they take the porcelain highway to a watery grave. Easy-peasy!

Look, kids! Just like in Aquaman!

Of course, if they were big Tarzan fans, it may be a tough sale.

This ad was from Two-Gun Kid No. 91 published by Marvel in 1967.

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