Analog Computer?

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Apparently not. Analog computers had a long and fascinating history before the development of transistors and well before the modern digital computers we all use to see how fat our high school classmates have become or to show friends and family members what was eaten for breakfast on a particular morning.

This was part of an full-page ad that I don’t recall seeing a whole lot. It was for a scientific educational kit-a-month club.

This club looks sort of neat, and Iwish I chased it down at the time. It would have provided greater dividends than the Can You Draw Me? and fighting secrets of the world ads that I actually chased down. You can’t go wrong with a solid grounding in science!

Of course, ordering the Atomic Energy Kit probably would have landed you on the watch-list of a federal agency or two.

This ad appeared on the inside back cover of Marvel’s Greatest Comics No. 33 which featured reprinted Fantastic Four stories and was published by Marvel Comics in 1971.

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