I Want My RetroTV!

We’re having a little trouble letting go of Halloween at the Casa De Willceau. We had a lot of fun this year building Lloyd’s costume and taking him out on Halloween night. We got a lot of raves and a lot of candy. People kept on asking how we did it. I’ve decided to supply the curious with a visual and musical answer. How did we do it, and how did it turn out? Find out by checking out the video above!

In case you’re interested, I trawled the fabulous Internet Archive in search of a suitable monochromatic television program to display on the costume’s television tube and a bouncy polka number to accompany the video. The Lawrence Welk program can be found here, and the polka is called the Jeep Polka by The Polka Kings and can be found here. Both items are in the Public Domain and can be enjoyed for FREE!


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3 Responses to I Want My RetroTV!

  1. Alix says:

    This is so incredible. I LOVE all of your costumes! I’m a huge fan of making your own, and these are just spectacular. My little guy really hated dressed up for all his toddler years (it was such a bummer for us) but then magically in second grade he decided he wanted to be a meatball (haha, yes, you could have knocked us over with a feather!). ANYWAY, he now loves dressing up and we make our costumes–but we’ve never done a LIGHT UP one and I’m inspired!! I have a random question. All of your costumes have a black foam ring around the head hole. It makes it look so polished….what is that?? Thank you so so much for all the inspiration! Your boy is adorable too (the TV is outrageous!!)

    Here is the meatball:
    And here is a pinata we made:

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. The foam ring is pipe insulation available at any hardware store. Generally most stores carry 3/4″, but we found 1/2″ works better.


  3. Tina says:

    Alix – Thanks for the links – I love the meatball costume!

    About the pipe insulation – cut a piece to fit the arm and head holes – and slip it on. You don’t need to glue it. It gives the costume a more finished look – but it also hides the sins and makes the costume more comfortable for the wearer.

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