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A Cousin Among the Corn

This is an as yet identified girl that shows up in quite a few of the glass negatives shot by John Capewell. When I was first examining the photos, I assumed that she was Capewell’s daughter, but records indicate that … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!!!

This year’s concept was Joe’s – a working vintage TV set! There will be more photos to come, and hopefully some video – stay tuned!

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Orange Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache

I saw the jumbo bones sprinkles and I was a goner – seriously, how adorable are these? I knew whatever kind of cupcake I was making was going to have chocolate frosting to showcase these babies! Since I’m a big … Continue reading

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Jack O’Lantern

This is a pumpkin that I carved for my neighbor – as is our tradition.  I used an x-acto knife, an ice pick, a paring knife, and a linoleum cutter. Some blood was shed along the way, but that’s okay … Continue reading

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Over Before It Started

I’ve seen a few of these deflated pumpkins in my travels around town. I guess people got so excited at the first site of pumpkins on the grocer’s shelves that they rushed them home to carve Jack O’ Lanterns. Too … Continue reading

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6:03 PM

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Six More Days….


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