Be a Somebody!

COMICS-HEADCreem-DETYes, you too can be a somebody just like one of Liverpool’s favorite sons!

This was an unusual ad to appear in a comic book along side the un-ironic muscle and part-time career ads being that it was a sarcastic ad for an acidly sarcastic music magazine — the late, great Creem Magazine.

CreemCreem called itself America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, and it was rude, crude and outrageously funny. It made Rolling Stone feel like a copy of Prevention. Sadly, Creem is no more while Rolling Stone grinds on living decades past it’s relevancy.

My guess is that the ad was a test. You could send 25¢(!) for a sample copy of the magazine or $3 for the sample mag and the neat Boy Howdy shirt by Crumb. I wonder how well they did with the ad.

CA-No-164The Creem ad appeared in Captain America and the Falcon no. 184 published in 1973.

Falcon is going to appear in Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I doubt if he’s going to turn into a werewolf or sport the groovy red and white threads.

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