American Wax Museum

American Wax MuseumYes, Philadelphia once had a wax museum, and fortunately it was AIR CONDITIONED! The wax figures never would have survived a summer in The City of Brotherly Love if it wasn’t!

clawrenceThis was an ad from a playbill for the Valley Forge Music Fair’s 1967 season. I don’t have an recollection of the American Wax Museum. I don’t remember hearing ads for it on radio or television. My guess is that the wax works had shuffled off of this mortal coil by the time I was taking field trips in school. I searched a round the internet and came up dry.

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3 Responses to American Wax Museum

  1. oldnfo says:

    Or they are now part of the emergency candles in your kitchen drawer… 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    No candles – we’ve stocked up on hand powered Russian emergency flashlights!

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