The Third Time Around

spidey-hackI’ve recently completed building my third PC which also happens to be my third Hackintosh!

boy-g4I thought my son had gotten all of the mileage he possibly could out of used and well worn Dual G4 Power Mac. It still runs, but it’s wind tunnel design makes it remarkably noisy and it runs an operating system that has been obsolete for years. I thought it was time to put this big chunk of plastic out to pasture and replace it with something more secure, speedier, more energy efficient and cost effective.

Being that the boy was going to be graduating from 8th Grade and soon entering High School, he needed something new. Of course, I could brave the crowds on Walnut Street; wait my turn to deal with the pleasant automatons at the computer store with the fruity name, and wind up with a gorgeous piece of industrial design that has mobile components or I could have built a more powerful machine for about half the price.

Think-CheapYou know what Daddy was going to do!

I had recently upgraded the case to my Hackintosh, and this is where the real Dr. Frankenstein obsessing started as I started to figure what parts to swap and what parts to swap out. New components were bought. Older components were cannibalized. I felt like a hot rod mechanic picking through auto graveyard parts and reconfiguring them with the hottest engine he could lay his hands on.

Two Mini-ITX cases

Two Mini-ITX Cases

I had gathered the parts and I went to work. Overall the build went smoothly, but I had to make some disappointing compromises which I’ll go into next week.

CM-messNext week, I’ll go into the particulars of the build, a few hiccups and the next build I’m already imagining! Stay tuned!

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