The Arco Park Preservation Society

Can-you-draw-meIf you went to or taught or worked at the art school formerly known as The Philadelphia College of Art, have we got an offer for you!

arco-pk-pres-socBecome a member of

The ARCO Park Preservation Society!

PCA-beforeWhat is the ARCO Park Preservation Society?

It’s a Facebook gathering for people who attended or worked at the Philadelphia College of Art back when it was the Philadelphia College of Art! It’s sort of like a class reunion only you don’t have to drive anywhere or eat a rubbery chicken dinner. Everyone is gathered on the internet where you can come as you are!

No degree is required! If you remember spending a semester or two drawing series upon series of horizontal pencil lines for reasons unknown or bending window screen into shapes that somehow piqued your teacher’s interest, you can become a member. Were you a teacher that acted as if your interest was piqued by 19-year-olds ruining perfectly good window screen? You can become a member! Did you work security or in the registrar’s office? You are welcome, too!

Come and let us know what you’re up to or share some memories. We LOVE photos so come on over to the Facebook page and lay them on us!

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE! Well, you’re on the hook to pay for your internet service, but you were anyway.


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