It used to be Smiles…

Broadway and Olive Street…but in 1982 it was VIP Food Service.

Back in the 1980s, I went to art school, and I along with all of the other illustration majors were required to take a course in photography. We had to shoot the photos as well as process the negatives and make the prints. I don’t recall what the particulars of the class assignments were although I can tell from looking at the negatives which were the assignments and which ones were shot just to finish off a roll. The shots to finish the roll are a lot more interesting.

While my fellow students mostly resided and shot their photographs in Philadelphia, I lived and did most of my shooting in and around Westville, NJ. Above is a store that I practically lived in when it was known as Smile’s Convenience Store. We were always sent to pick up a copy of the Courier Post, The Woodbury Times or a gallon of milk or we would blow our own money on bubble gum or the Coke machine. At the time of this picture, it had became one of those catering companies that catered to construction sites, factories or plants.

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