A Piece of Musical History Bites the Dust

IMG_6445A place familiar to people who attended the Philadelphia College of Art is gone as well.

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Demolition has started on the building at Broad and Spruce Streets that once housed Philadelphia International Records and, before that, Cameo Parkway Records. The locale was fairly important to the history of popular music so one would assume that some sort of preservation would have been attempted.

Not a chance apparently. In it’s place will go another glass tower with luxury apartments stacked to the sky. Rumor has it that the building erected there will be the tallest in the state of Pennsylvania. I guess another skyscraper may be considered progress to the eternal underdog mentality of the city of Philadelphia, but I think R Lee Ermey put it best.

As far as PCA people are concerned, the building was diagonal from Anderson Hall or what is now known as The Atlantic Building. Utrecht was set up on the ground floor for years until it was absorbed by Dick Blick.


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