Neck Wallet Hack



Last week I made a neck wallet for a friend who was the victim of a pickpocket. While rummaging through my sewing box, I came across some cord I forgot I had – so I thought I’d whip up a second one for her. 

The cord proved tricky – I pinned it in place, but since it’s pretty thin (and stretchy) there wasn’t much to pin. When I sewed up the sides of the wallet, it slid out of place. But that’s okay, that’s why seam rippers were invented. Until it happened again – that’s when I got the idea of using Stitch Witchery. Stitch Witchery is a fusible bonding web – a cheat when you don’t feel like sewing up a fallen hem.


I cut two small pieces of the webbing and sandwiched the cord, then cut a square of the fabric to place on top. I put my iron on the wool setting and pressed both sides for 10 seconds each – being careful not to slide the iron. I checked to make sure that the bond was secure, then sewed up the sides of the pouch. It held beautifully!

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