What’s Better than Roses on Your Piano?

f-and-t-detMore vintage vinyl from a huge stash of dusty Long Playing albums found in an unused darkroom at a Philadelphia-area printer. Back before MP3files and internet radio stations custom-tailored to taste, guys at this commercial printer would spin records while they worked. It’s an eclectic mix, and I have a feeling that the fellows engaged in what I call Remainder Bin Roulette purchasing albums on impulse from the discount racks based more on price than the artist cutting the platter. Some salesman or press operator thought that the twin piano stylings of Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher would be perfect for the shop so this musical collection migrated from the shelves of either an E.J. Korvettes or a J.M. Fields to the musical library of the print shop.

What's Better than Roses on Your Piano?

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2 Responses to What’s Better than Roses on Your Piano?

  1. Old NFO says:

    LOL, who knows, they ‘might’ have actually liked them…

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Probably, but I wonder if this was just for the stripping department where the printing plates were laid out and burned. It would have been hard to hear these guys tinkling the ivories over the racket of an offset press or folder.

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