Westville Pond at Night

Westville, New Jersey Pond at NightHere is a shot of Westville’s park surround The Pond circa 1982. It’s early in the evening and the moon is visible in the sky. I’m not sure if I shot this handheld or dragged a tripod with me.

Back in the 1980s, I went to art school, and I along with all of the other illustration majors were required to take a minor course in photography. We had to shoot the photos as well as process the negatives and make prints. I don’t recall what the particulars of the class assignments were although I can tell from looking at the negatives which were the assignments and which ones were shot just to finish off a roll. The shots to finish a roll are a lot more interesting. While my fellow students mostly resided and shot their photographs in the vibrant metropolis of Philadelphia, I lived and did most of my shooting in and around the staid and solid small town of Westville, New Jersey.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Unless you were using Tri-X (which the pic looks too sharp for), I’m betting you had a tripod. 🙂

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    You’re probably right!

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