What I Miss About Comics – That Johnny PayCheck Moment

Having a bad day, Bunky? Well, fortunately for you that comic book that you brought to accompany your liverwurst sandwich and bottle of Faygo orange soda on your lunch break may hold the solution to all of your problems!

Along with the instructions as to how to become a man in a week, plans for a miniature Polaris submarine, and all of the fighting secrets of the exotic Orient, comic books could improve your station in life through the Miracle of Correspondence Courses!

Happiness and fulfillment in life could be had via a series of study-at-home courses that you can complete in your spare time. A career in drafting, meat cutting, locksmithing or electronics can free you from all of the loud-mouth bosses and a life of underpaid drudgery. Sign up for a course and tell that sourpuss cheapskate you work for where to get off!

Of course, this may not play out so well if you work for your father-in-law. Your mileage may vary.

This was from an issue of World’s Finest No. 218 from 1973.

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