Sunday Matinee

Hey, kids, it’s a new category – Sunday Matinee!

Actually, I was curious to see how well the embed function from The Internet Archive works, and, as it turns out, it works very well! If you haven’t checked out the Internet Archive, GO THERE NOW!!! It is a treasure trove of public domain content! There is tons of audio, and video and it’s all FREE!

Today’s feature is The Beach Girls and the Monster. Does a feature need any thing more than those two basic elements? It’s sort of a less ambitious, West Coast version of the greatest beach party movie ever made in ConnecticutThe Horror of Party Beach!

Beach Girls is a short film with a sort of Scooby Doo plot, and it’s a trashy-fun time waster, but I recommend it for the opening sequence where four buxom beach beauties try to madly improvise beach party dances to the strains of Dance, Baby Dance – a Beach Boys/Jan & Dean surf tune knockoff  credited in the titles to none other than Frank Sinatra, Jr! I could imagine young Frank telling his Old Man that the crooning stuff was washed up and the surf scene is where it’s at!

As for the beach girls, I really love the women in this movie. The mold must have gotten busted some time in the mid-60s ’cause they don’t make ’em like that no more! I especially like the third girl from the left in the opening sequence. She’s a lousy dancer, but who cares?

Great, now the theme song is stuck in my head. Maybe Frank, Jr. had something after all!


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