I Was a Vector Werewolf

I Was a Vector WerewolfHere’s another Halloween Head I created in Affinity Designer as I’ve spent my too early mornings waiting for my son’s school bus, and if I say so myself, I am pretty pleased with this. I really wanted to do a werewolf, and I had tried several passes in both Adobe Illustrator and Affinity’s product over time only to be unhappy with the shape of the head. There are a number of half-baked and abandoned attempts, but this one took.

I’m not sure how many more of these monsters I have in me, but I can see myself continuing. Affinity Designer is just too much fun. I thought I would have a hard time designing on a touch-pad on an old MacBook Pro, but it really hasn’t been too bad. I thought I would have broken out a mouse or a tablet, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve played with other apps (I hate that term) that were going to kill Adobe’s dominant line of desktop software only to think, “Gee, fellas, good luck with that in the future,” but I think the Affinity folks really did their homework. They are here to stay! As I said before, their software is a pleasure to use, and I can’t wait to give their upcoming page layout program a spin!

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