Atomic Warrior V Pink Zeppelin

Atomic Warrior VS Pink ZeppelinMore fun with Derwent’s water soluble pencils and the Sketchbook from Heaven.

The creature on the left is The Atomic Warrior which I first cooked up a couple of years ago as a homemade Halloween costume for my son. My original notion was “What if Star Wars was made at a different time with no budget?” It would have been dumped into kiddie matinees and remembered as well and as fondly as Laserblast.

The creature on the right is Pink Zeppelin — a nightmare from my high school years. This twisted behemoth came to life as part of a diabolical experiment gone horribly wrong resulting in a two-headed fan of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd circa 1979. After the apocalypse which happened around 1980 or so, this monstrosity holed up at The Sound Odyssey record store at the Cherry Hill Mall guarding the precious vinyl records within and waiting for scavengers to feed upon.

The gauntlet/forearm protector/shield things that the Atomic Warrior is blocking with are a little clunky, and I need to figure out how to present them a little better. They are based on cardboard forms used to ship industrial tubes of copier toner that I used for my son’s Halloween costume. I’ll either have to reconfigure them on paper or rebuild the costume and draw from life!

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Very interesting ‘mix’ there… 🙂

  2. Joe_Williams says:


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