Grandma went to Altamont

Idealized Grandmother vector illustration ©Joe Williams

This cartoon is an effort to see what I could do with Affinity Designer and as a reaction to cliches that people, particularly lazy writers, hold near and dear. Grandmother. Granny. Grandma. Gam-gam. The term is used to evoke the image of a kindly, elderly, silver-haired matriarch of the family who dotes on the grandchildren; goes to Church every Sunday and bakes the most wonderful pies.

That’s the image, but considering the aging Baby Boomer population, the reality may be different.

Grandma went to Altamont, and she did stuff you don’t want to know about in order to get backstage.

Outdoor rock concert audience vector illustration ©Joe WilliamsThis illustration is sort of like a greeting card with the joke as a two-page spread on the inside. It’s a Drawer Card for no occasion in particular.

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