Doodles on the Couch

I’m back to doodling on the couch in an inexpensive but halfway decent sketchbook and watching my favorite streaming channel Tubi. Yes, Tubi is supported by advertising, but the commercials are a lot less obtrusive than the other streamers and the political campaigns haven’t spoiled it, at least not yet.

I did bring my sketchbook to the city pool in order to chronicle the tragic choices in swimwear and body modifications indicative of this current era, but I found myself in the pool more than outside of it this season. It was too darn hot, and sketching was going to have to wait for more moderate weather.

So now the city pools are closed and we’re getting hints of autumn so I’m hunkering down on the couch and going on “fishing expeditions” with my pencils. A lot of these particular sketches have to do with a 1980s era post-apocalyptic story that has been kicking around the dusty corners of my brain for a while now. I’d like to work these ideas up into a comic, but I’m trying to decide how cartoony I want to make it. It doesn’t really matter because I am just having fun with water soluble graphite pencils, unsharpened 2mm leads and whatever else I have close at hand. I’m goofing off in between genuine gigs.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Interesting character studies there!

  2. Joe says:


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