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Angel’s Trumpet

An Angel’s Trumpet folded up in late afternoon.

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Peach Strawberry Galette

The lazy man’s pie, roll out the dough, fill with fruit, and turn up the sides! This galette is doable on a hot day because it bakes in only 30 minutes. It was delish!

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Ranching in Colorado

My latest cover is book two in The Bell Chronicle series, Ranching in Colorado by J.L. Curtis. Back in Texas he might be The Rio Kid, but at the other end of a long cattle drive in Fort Collins, Rio … Continue reading

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It was Strawbridge & Clothier

This was one of Philadelphia’s premier department stores. It has sadly gone out of business along with the rest of the retail chain. Tina and I and everybody I know who lives in Philadelphia shopped here. They had everything — … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number One Hundred Twenty One

One hundred twenty first in a continued series creating a collage using five elements.

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The Dorothy Haon Letters

I was running errands in my neighborhood, when I came across old letters scattered on the rain soaked steps of a Church. The envelopes were yellowed with age and one had a three cent stamp affixed to it. My curiosity … Continue reading

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