Barbershop Comics

The Great Gazoo 1975Some deep cleaning in work turned up a wonderful stack of old comics. I’m not sure who the comics belonged to and nobody currently working there has laid any claim to them. I refer to this odd stack of funny books as The Barbershop Collection. Why The Barbershop Collection? This wrinkled and well worn stack of comics look like they had passed through the hands of a thousand kids waiting in a neighborhood barbershop for a haircut. They are mostly juvenile comics featuring characters from television cartoons like The Flintstones. They were the sort of comic parents would buy to occupy kids in the back seat during a long road trip or a maiden aunt might buy figuring their nephew or niece might like them. Nobody is seeking these books as some great comic collectible, but from the condition of these books, they certainly were enjoyed. They used to be in every convenience store and newsstand in a spinning rack, but now they are sadly missing — a relic of a bygone era.

The All New Flintstones featuring The Great Gazoo was published in 1975 by Charlton Comics.

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