Miss Blanchette’s Painting

I found this painting while searching through a box of old photos the other day. It was gifted to me by Albina Blanchette, an artist and resident of a convalescent home I worked at in high school. When she discovered I was interested in art, she broke out some of her pieces and talked about them.

Her method was dipping a palette knife in paint and dragging it across a sheet of paper. Miss Blanchette would look at the results – this appeared to be a landscape – she then went back in with a brush and worked on it. The final, which was about the size of a business card – was cropped, glued to a piece of paper, and signed. I adore the beachy vibe of this composition. This technique of painting is looking for what I refer to as “Happy Accidents”, and could easily be a rainy day project with kids.

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