In Space No One Can Hear Geeks Scream

In Space No One Can Hear Geeks ScreamPictured above is a Nostromo patch that was attached to a hat similar to what Harry Dean Stanton wore in Alien (1979). If you’ve never seen Alien which is hard to believe, the movie is about a crew of seven working class slobs manning a vessel that is tugging a huge refinery through space. They have to divert the trip when they receive a distress signal and during that diversion they have a close encounter with the particularly nasty alien of the title. The vessel was the Nostromo. I saw the movie the weekend it opened with my brothers and have always loved it. I bought the cap with the patch at a comic convention back in the 1980s. The cap was cheap and it disintegrated despite my not wearing it all that much, but I rescued the patch as well as the scrambled eggs (not pictured) on the brim.

Plywood is portraying Mr. Jones in the background.

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