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Strawberry Sour Cream Pie

Now that strawberries are in season, it’s pie time! This is an easy to throw together recipe, and it’s delish!

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Gumball Gangsters

Sebastiano the Sausagemaker – works at the “Palermo Family Pizza” According to Wikipedia: The Palermos are a series of two-inch plastic collectible figurines created by David Gonzales. Representing an Italian American family and their associates, the Palermos debuted in 2004 as a … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2023

More than half a century ago a skinny kid from Maryland found himself in a place he had probably never heard of — Phu Loi, Vietnam. This is Daniel Love who I met on a job about 25 years after … Continue reading

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There may be OPPORTUNITY • What I Miss About Comics

I was never a fan of poetry so I can’t imagine soliciting the amateur efforts of scribes across the continental United States and Canada. Somebody at the mail drop was going to have to read these submissions whether they were … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number One Hundred Forty Nine

One hundred forty ninth in a continued series creating a collage using five elements.

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Rest In Peace Handsome

Handsome was a cat who lived in an office down the street from our house, he passed away last week. Apparently, his original owner had a baby, and Handsome wasn’t too keen on sharing his parents. So he ended up … Continue reading

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