Happy Fathers Day

Dad in 1996

The late, great Charles “Chick” Williams fixing something as usual in 1996. Superman had blue tights and red cape, but Dad always wore khaki chinos. He purchased several pairs used from an industrial uniform rental company that had an outlet store where they would sell shirts and pants for as little as 50¢. Dad could never resist a bargain.

Although he was one of the most sentimental guys I’ve ever known – he always would get choked up at Christenings, weddings and the occasional Kodak commercial – he was also one of the most logical and had a steel-trap memory for all things tool related and or mechanical. Part of that was due to his over three decades working at the Frankford Arsenal. I thought he could fix anything, and if he didn’t know how to at first, he would work it out with his remarkably logical mind. He was our Google long before there was a google. An all knowing oracle who always had an answer from how to tear apart a transmission to how to remove a splinter from a screaming child’s foot.

He was warm, loving, ridiculously charming and hysterically funny. I only miss him every day!

Dad on Deck

Dad during WWII

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

The Handy Men

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  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    That’s such a great photo of him in the war. Thank you for his service.

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