The Brilliant Miss G

I am excited that Monkey & Bird is starting a new chapter, and thanks to Tina’s brilliant work on the colors and creation of the Open Air Cinema sign, I think we started off this chapter with a bang!

Tina and I were kicking around ideas for what Mickey and Sylvia were going to do on their second date. We’ve already done dinner in the first chapter so how about a show? Tina and I both love drive-in theaters, but animals don’t drive! It didn’t matter. We still wanted to do a drive-in so we came up with the idea of a car-less drive-in. I worked on the drawing and handed Tina this crude sketch of a composite of several drive-in marquees that I love.

Tina imported the sketch in to Illustrator and went to work tracing and cleaning up the forms within the drawing. Essentially she made sense of my scribbly lines.

Once that was finished, she applied colors. All the way, she was fashioning a silk purse from the sow’s ear I handed her.

The Queen of Bezier Curves filled in the considerable gaps in my drawing and created this vector version of the marquee. The vector version was exported as a layered Photoshop file, and Tina and I huddled around the monitor trying various layer effects and blending modes until we winded up with what you see beneath.

An Electrified Gold Star for you, Tina! Thanks for making Monkey & Bird something more than the little strip I was going to cobble together!

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  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Film #1 is rated Aaaaarrrrdvarks.

    (Wow, that was hella-lame)

  2. Joe Williams says:

    Lame or not, it’s a comment! Thanks!

    WordPress doesn’t seem to like you. It deposited your comments in my spam folder!

    And do you have issues with spammers – both commenters and spammers registering as users?

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