Chairman of the Boar-d?

Mickey & Sylvia’s second date continues as Monkey & Bird by Joe Williams and Tina Garceau continues at CO2 Comics! Our duo have gotten their treats, grabbed their seats and are about to take in the show. Will it be the cinematic masterpiece of the age or will it be boar-ing? Find out HERE!

Have you inadvertently stumbled upon this site? If so, thank goodness for happy accidents and the vagaries of the internet! If you’re curious about our cute critters, I urge you to catch up with them by checking out the First Chapter of Monkey & Bird by clicking HERE!

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2 Responses to Chairman of the Boar-d?

  1. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks so much for checking this out! If you get a chance, surf around CO2 Comics. There’s a lot of great content over there with more being added every day. Tina and I also have a couple of comics other than Monkey & Bird. Have a look!

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