What I Miss About Comics – Untold Riches!

Jiminy Cricket on a CRUTCH!!! Would you just look at that fat wad of cash that chubby kid is flashing! Cripes, I’m going to give up my meth lab and get me a paper route!

This particular Grit ad was in Charlton’s All New Fightin’ Marines No. 116 which has turned out to be a treasure trove at least for finding material for these columns. I wonder what the first issue is going for.
I used to wonder what Grit was. The ad was always in the comics back when they were still sold at newsstands and convenience stores. I never saw the actual Grit newspaper and always thought it was some sort of scam like a lot of things in comic books. As it turns out, it was for real, and Grit still exists as you can see HERE. It’s no longer a newspaper but a slick magazine instead. It has to do with rural issues and farming which is probably why I’ve never seen it in the suburbs around a metropolitan area. I could see with the interest in organic produce and home gardening, that it’s probably seen a resurgence. It may be possible to make that fat wad of cash selling Grit!

Well, it would certainly beat trying to sell greeting cards door-to-door.

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