What I Miss About Comics Stick-On Sophistication

Did you know that a more mature, sexier, more sophisticated you comes with its own adhesive?

QUICK CHANGE to suit your mood time? I’m not sure what that means exactly.

I suppose that this ad isn’t that far-fetched for an audience that suspends its disbelief far enough to go along with the idea that nobody realizes that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. As surely as radioactive spider bites will give you super-powers rather than fatal blood poisoning, these remarkable facial hairpieces will give the under-aged wearer the ability to waltz past the doorman of any bar or nightclub unchallenged and the ability to sweep Yvonne Craig or a reasonable facsimile off of her feet!

Once again this ad is from Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos No. 93 published in 1971. Ads like these ran for years. The stat of the ad was peeled from one paste-up board and pasted into the boards of another issue month after month and year after year. Stats were shot of the original stat or the compositor would make due with a previously printed copy. That looks to be the case with the ad above as the text is virtually unreadable. Of course, cheap printing methods didn’t do the ad any favors regarding legibility.

Of course, I would trade all of the fancy paper, computer coloring, gimmick covers, superstar creators and over-hyped events for newsprint funny books that I could buy on impulse five for a dollar. Of course they have to have the cheesy ads.

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