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Pixels Vs. Pigment – Make Up Your Mind!!!

Ink from a bottle or digital ink? The ENDLESS STRUGGLE continues, but this time the turmoil is WITHIN as I cast aside the new digital techniques and once again embrace the tools of old!

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Treading a Tightrope With Tina

This is an example of some of my work before I started fiddling around with computers. This is a collage assembled from photocopies and photo-stats done as a spot illustration for the food section of one of the local newspapers. … Continue reading

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What I Miss About Comics Martial Arts Lessons on 12″ Long Playing Records

Learning the martial arts and becoming a Master of Men was within your grasp thanks to a correspondence course and a long playing 12″ 33 1/3 RPM instructional record which could be had for unbelievable price of 16¢ a lesson! … Continue reading

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Mrs. Crankipants Ponders: Is That All There Is To A Hurricane?

Irene had a wet and wild time rolling through town last night, but she seems sort of demure this AM. Did she do something she regrets? Does she hate herself this morning? Is she like a lot of girls from … Continue reading

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The Hurricane of 1938 – Sunday Matinee

A few years back I watched a fascinating PBS documentary about the Hurricane of 1938 that destroyed huge portions of New England. At the time, there was no radar or any of the early warning and tracking systems we have … Continue reading

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Mrs. Crankipants Vs. Hurricane Irene

Good grief, Irene! Well, it looks like a Hurricane Irene® is headed our way, and I just got back from the market. My fellow city dwellers were filling their carts with bottled water, Glade candles, Spaghetti-Os and D cell batteries. … Continue reading

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From Leaky Dikes to the U.S. Congress – Visual Metaphors

Here’s another Visual Metaphor that I created for a client that deals with executives and trains them in leadership and people skills. The client asks her client to come up with a 3-part list consisting of 1. Where they were, … Continue reading

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