From Reykjavi­k With Love or Uh-Ruh, Uh-Ruh, Is That Your Hat?

Happy Birthday, Brian Bubonic!

Brian Bubonic, World Adventurer

My brother-in-law Brian Bubonic and his trusty Samsonite have traveled the globe – New York, Paris, Reykjavik, El Paso, to name a few. What do these cities have in common? They are all places where Brian has lost hats. 

He had misplaced a light gray Kangol cap on a recent visit. We searched the entire house, his suitcase, and finally his rental car, to no avail. Brian explained that his hats have a habit of disappearing whenever he travels. The following day, I found the cap in the middle of our street – run over by cars and absolutely filthy, but still intact. Brian was about to write it off, but I treated it with a little Spray and Wash and it was good as new! He could once again proudly adorn his pate with something stylish!

I decided to make a card commemorating his terrible luck with retaining chapeaus.

This card is based on Martha Stewart’s Sentimental Valentine’s Day Wheel. It’s a spinny card known as a volvelle. Martha’s staffer’s volvelle contains endearments, while mine pokes fun at Brian.

Below is the lower disk of the volvelle which contains the text and the pictures of the hats.

Here’s Brian in our latest collection of fashionable headwear:

Hang on to them, dear. You’ll catch your death of cold!


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