15 Years

Fifteen years ago on a similarly rainy day, before a gathering of family, friends and a priest who had buried most of the gangsters in South Philly, Tina and I got hitched!

As I’ve said before, Tina and I exchange cards that we make ourselves on holidays and major occasions like today. Take a LOOK at her brilliant card to me! This is my card to her:

According to the websites I checked out the traditional gift associated with a 15-year wedding anniversary is crystal. Of course, I had to take that and do a smart-ass version of it.

I wasn’t crazy about the word balloon so here’s a version where you can see more of the cosmic background.

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3 Responses to 15 Years

  1. JT says:

  2. Gerry G. says:

    Is that guy gonna make an appearance in Monkey and Bird? He looks like he’d fit right in! Happy anniversary!

  3. Joe Williams says:

    Thanks, JT!

    Gerry, His name is now Cosmic, Man and I could see him being a running gag in M&B. I’ll have to kick it around. Maybe he floats around like the Great Gazoo.

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