Jello Hats and Mystery Meat

Tina Garceau

Fifteen years ago, I took a vow to love, honor and cook for my husband. For the most part, it’s worked out okay. Joe’s been adventurous enough to eat just about anything I’ve put in front of him – calves’ liver, overcooked capellini, pig’s feet, a long line of failed cakes, and eggs over easy that were anything but. That’s where the inspiration for this year’s card came from – no matter what it was, or what it looked like, he’s always been a good sport. But I guess I knew that all along, he married me!!!!

Happy Anniversary Joe!!!


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4 Responses to Jello Hats and Mystery Meat

  1. Tina says:

    JT, you remembered!!!!!
    * bats eyelashes *

    I remember this episode!

  2. JT says:

    I remember this episode!

    So do I.

    Fred, Barney and I were classmates in grammar school.

  3. Tina says:

    I babysat for the Rubbles.

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