Just Desserts

The Apple Tart and Upside-Down Cranberry Cake are two of the Thanksgiving standards for dessert at Casa di Cranki. The tart, with its nicely fanned apples isn’t overly sweet like most apple pies, which means you can indulge without guilt. Of course, it’s much better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…..

The cake is a moist vanilla cake topped with molasses, brown sugar, and cranberries. Accompanied by a dollop of fresh whipped cream, you won’t care if you spend the rest of the day with the button of your pants undone – it’s that good! We plan ahead and wear our Thanksgiving pants – elastic in the waist to allow for a little expansion. Besides, you can always walk it off in the malls on Black Friday, amirite?

You can find the recipes here and here. Happy baking!!!


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2 Responses to Just Desserts

  1. proof says:

    Nice looking tart! (The food doesn’t look bad, either!)

    We’ll see if my ban is still in effect…

  2. Tina says:

    Why thank you! * blushes *
    So nice to see you back.

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