We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

I thought I’d do another – what to do with scrap fabric post. I had a plain wooden box lying around, some fabric, and I really could use a catch-all for my nightstand. So I spent a little time the other day in the studio documenting how to cover a round box with fabric. The only problem – all of the photos I took weren’t on my camera. Poof, gone, nowhere to be found. Oh well, I’m posting the final result, along with the new earrings I made. The orange and aqua awakens fond memories of long cars trips and Howard Johnson’s – best fried clams ever!



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2 Responses to We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

  1. Ho Jo’s! I can just taste those clam strips though it’s not going over too big with my breakfast…urp.

  2. Tina says:

    I don’t think they exist anymore – another piece of our childhood has vanished!

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