Grotesque Children Stereotypify Foreign Countries and WIN PRIZES!!!

Here’s the grotesque children! They look like those creepy, dried apple sculptures and all seem to be breaking out in freckles or some horrid skin disease across the bridge of their noses.…and here is their challenge!

…and the big prize is REAL coins from strange, far-away lands, but it gets stranger…

You’ll also get a BIG FREE CATALOG of wonderful PREMIUMS that you can get at no cost for unloading packages of  White CLOVERINE BRAND SALVE on your friends, neighbors and relatives at 50¢ a pop. Sounds like easy American money on top of the foreign coins for taxing one’s geographical knowledge, but there are a few problems. They don’t explain what Cloverine Brand Salve is; why people want it or why anybody would buy it from ugly children who display a passing knowledge of other countries rather than purchase it from a local druggist.This ad appeared in BlackHawk No 144 which was published in 1960 by DC Comics.

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2 Responses to Grotesque Children Stereotypify Foreign Countries and WIN PRIZES!!!

  1. I remember selling American Seeds from a similar comic book ad. I earned my first Estes model rocket and launch pad with the value points I accrued!

  2. Joe Williams says:

    I always wondered if anybody ever made out in that racket. I would have starved to death and would have to resort to eating the seeds or, in the case with the ad above, the salve. I wonder if it tastes like school paste.

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